Downsizing can happen at any age

A few months ago, I was contacted by a past client. I previously helped her set up her home office.

This time – Downsizing.

Cathleen and her husband Dave decided to downsize their home of more than 4,000 square feet. It was very spacious, the layout and function were amazing. Most of which they had created for their life together and to host Cathleen’s clinic. The setting was spectacular. You walked out to a serene spa like setting filled with gardens, potted flowers, an in ground pool and more to overlook a quiet river.

You are likely asking yourself why anyone would want to give all this up?

Cathleen and Dave had been blessed after ten years of marriage with the birth of a beautiful baby boy. He arrived to meet his loving family prematurely. Cathleen and Dave made some decisions about how they would now spend their extra energy. It would no longer be on the large home, clinic and property but on their beautiful son Hayden.

They would move to a much smaller interim home while their new home was being built. Cathleen and Dave had great support from their families. When their house sold they came over, packed everything; loaded it into the moving truck and delivered it all to the much smaller house.

Several months later, Hayden was healthy and happy. Mom was ready to settle back into her self-employment along with Dave who would join her in a new business venture. Life was good.

Cathleen asked me to help her prepare for the moves to her new business location and new home. The new house being built would be larger than their interim home. But not the size of their first home – so, they still had too much stuff.

They owned quality décor and furnishings for both home and office.

A few things were given to family. The rest and majority of items, Cathleen and Dave decided to donate to a local charity. A choice that many of my clients make. However, many of these items could also be sold at auctionAnd the money made can be used to offset downsizing and moving costs.

With the assistance of one staff we worked for six days towards Cathleen’s downsizing goal.

1. We sorted, packed and stored separately in the garage all of the items that would be going to the new business location.

2. Belongings being kept for the new home but not currently being used were sorted, packed, labeled and stored in the basement.

3. Hayden’s toys and clothes that he will grow into are all packed. Each bin was labeled by age so mom can easily replace what he has out grown.

4. All items for charity were delivered.

Cathleen, Dave and Hayden are now comfortable. They are no longer squeezed into their interim accommodation. Furthermore they are now surrounded only by the things they need, use and love.

Although the majority of my downsizing services focus on seniors, you can downsize at any time in your life.

Moving to a new home – take only those items you need, use and love.

Re-home good items prior to the move. Auction, charity, family…

Not enough space in your current home? Go through your closets, vanities, basement, garage, etc. and again purge all those items not being used.

Downsizing can happen at any age or stage of your life.

Your home should be filled with only the things that ‘YOU’ need, use and love.

I have the solutions and can help you
in making all those hard decisions


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