downsizing and christmas gifts

Downsizing and Christmas Gifts – Solutions

by : Mharlos | 9 Dec, 2019 | Christmas gift giving | hoarding | 1 Comments

I’m sure you are thinking that Downsizing and
Christmas Gifts don’t go together in a blog.

Bare with me. Downsizing and Christmas gifts will make sense to you soon.

Each and every one of my downsizing, organizing and home staging projects is unique-just as unique as each person. So many variables with the size of the home, the personalities, ages, just to name a few.

I have worked with Sherry and Bruce in 3 of their 4 homes in the past 12 years. The current home was actually the greatest challenge for them due to its smaller size. And, earlier this year they were blessed with a surprise.  A beautiful baby girl was welcomed into their small home. However, 

they would not upsize again.

Therefore, we went to work to make the home work for them. A nicely finished basement had become the storage space for excess items. And, the husband Bruce is a sci-fi and comic collector. Plus, he collects LOGO sets for their son. Bruce has been struggling with letting go of the blocks as his son will “play with them one day.“

Bruce also knows the value of his collectibles and struggles with selling them off  But recently has come to the awareness that time and space to enjoy his family is far more important than his collectibles.

Sherry and I pared down everything else that we could:

  • clothes
  • home décor
  • children’s toys
  • linens
  • games

and more were donated to a local charity.

Upon my recommendation Sherry hired a laundry service.

Soapbox Laundry:

  • picked up
  • washed
  • sorted
  • folded
  • packed

each person’s clothes individually into clear bags. Plus, returned them to the home within 24 hours.
Over 200 pounds of laundry – very impressive!

In the garage we stored plastic bins of all the collectibles that could withstand the damp/cold.
Comics remained inside the home as paper doesn’t hold up well in unheated spaces.

When Sherry and I finished our work together there was just this pile left in the middle of the room.

downsizing and christmas gifts

Included were LOGO and toys little Hayden had not grown into yet. And decisions needed to be made – the carpet cleaner was booked for the following morning. Hayden’s 7th birthday party would be held here in just one week’s time. And the room needed to be set up with a projection TV, play area and seating.

FYI –  Hayden’s grandfather asked him if he’d like to go to the mall the next day to pick a birthday present. I whispered to Sherry, “could he make it an experience?” She had Hayden ask his grandfather to buy tickets for them to see Frozen 2 – Done!. This made Sherry think further. She is going to ask both of their families to buy them a family season pass to Canada’s Wonderland for Christmas.

Consumable gifts like this do not take up space in your home.

Bruce came home that night and made the decision to let the toys go to the garage. He and Sherry discussed that he has until April 30th to sell all the collectible items. My team and I are booked that day to clear out and organize the garage. Anything left is for me to sell.

Sherry called to thank me for my help and said how she couldn’t have done this without me. Yes, I got them started but she and Bruce got themselves across the finish line.

The basement bathroom was now usable, the hallway and stairs cleared.

downsizing and christmas gifts

I was amazed and I am so very proud of them. Especially Bruce. He has struggled so much to let anything go that consequently he just couldn’t be involved.

This has been a long process for them but, they are almost there. They have crossed the finished line with the inside of their home.  And now, just  the garage is left to complete.  

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