downsized and home staged

Downsized and Home Staged for Sale

by : Mharlos | 18 Jul, 2019 | Downsizing | Home Staging | 0 Comments

Downsized and home staged.

A call came in from Bill saying my home needs to be downsized and home staged for sale. Can you do the job?

Bill and Mary were provided with an in-home consultation for their 2,800 square foot 2-story home plus a finished basement and 3 car garage.

They would be moving to a 1,250 square foot condo with a 4 x 4 storage locker.

As a result, Bill and Mary knew that 3-quarters of their possessions would get sold and/or donated to charity. Bill had loads of tools, a lawn mower, snow blower and more in his garage and lawn shed. Other than the small tool kit that he would take with him the rest was organized for auction. Consequently, this was all very easy for Bill.

He was Ready to Let it all Go!

Unfortunately, Mary had mobility and other health challenges. And, she was struggling with letting go of her beautiful home.  As well, Mary was a spectacular cook and even with her health challenges still baked and prepared home cooked meals most days. Many things were important to her but above all, the contents of her kitchen.

Mary’s kitchen was an average size.  Fortunately, she had a basement storage room with shelves that held her party platters, roasting pans, seasonal dishes, stem ware, etc. Plus, she had an additional space where her seasonal décor was stored.

It’s with Laser Focus and Being Constantly Mindful
of What Space
is NOT Available in a New Home
that Gets your house Downsized and Home Staged.

Remember, the new home would be approximately one-third of the size.Eventually, the kitchen would be downsized and home staged. While Mary was emotionally attached to her kitchen we left it until last.

When it came to the work of downsizing Mary was distraught. After the first morning Mary and I sat and had tea. I started Mary on an exercise of writing down everything she loved and wanted to keep. I asked her not to judge anything. Just to put it all on her list. She journaled a lot that night. The next day we went through the list. First of allshe eliminated the items that she could live without. Mary had lots of napkins, candles and other home décor that she would sell. As a result,

They were Packed, Labelled and Stored
in the Basement Storage Room For Auction.

Large pieces of furniture were labelled with green painters tape in inconspicuous places so that we could still use them to stage the home. As well as, paintings and other works of art. Also, anything that we did not require to stage the home was stored away in the basement storage room.

We had downsized considerably at this point so Mary’s sense of overwhelm was lifting. Continuing with Mary’s journal we worked through the list focusing on every space except the kitchen.

We Dealt with those Items that were Less Emotional.

Finally, we had to tackle the kitchen and the storage shelves in the basement. We went through a process of determining what items Mary absolutely loved and wanted to take to her new home. Together we chose the best of the best. And she had state of the art small appliances plus some of the best baking and cooking utensils available. We looked at and chose items that could be dual or multipurpose.

How many platters did she require and for how many different meals or occasions could those be used. Once Mary started to see that she would have everything she needed she began to let the other items go.

We worked through one room at a time paring down, packing up, moving the furniture and décor. Each room was downsized and home staged at every step of the process.

Working Through to Completion One Room at a Time
Allows YOU to See What YOU  Have Accomplished.

It is also time efficient. But most importantly, it reduces your stress; youranxiety and helps you to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

By the way, as a result of their hard decisions in letting go, Mary and Bill’s home sold within a week and for over asking price.

Still Feeling that YOU Cannot Do This Alone.

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