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Docking Station Cure for Visual Clutter

by : Mharlos | 19 Jul, 2019 | Home Organization | 4 Comments

Cure for Visual Clutter.

A pet peeve of mine is visual clutter.  When I come home to Innisfil at the end of along day or walk into a room, I like to see clear surfaces. A place for everything and everything in its place.

An Electronics Docking Station is a Great Solution for Visual Clutter

Prior to 2016 I struggled with my electronics clutter. I had them on an open hutch at the back door but I could always see the cords and it just looked messy. In 2018, when we did our renovation I had a space created that would be just for our electronics. When the counter tops were installed I had the man drill a hole for a power bar cord to go to the drawer below. Now the devices and all the cords are hidden.

Out of Sight Out of Mind!


If you are doing a renovation you can plan this into your design. For the everyday solution that will work for most of you, I have found a few docking station options that I quite like and could live with.

This 6-Port Docking Station keeps everything in order. No more clutter cables. No need to plug a bunch of chargers on your power outlet for every phone and tablet you own.

Scroll through the pages at Amazon. They have 4, 5 and 10 port docking stations as well. You might find that for your family or office that you need more than one of these. And of course, shop around to see what else is available now that you have a few ideas. Please read the reviews or google the item plus the word “reviews” to find out if it’s a good product and suitable for your needs.

Happy Friday!

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