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Decluttering Sentimental Items – How To

by : Mharlos | 2 Mar, 2020 | Decluttering | Decluttering Sentimental Items | 0 Comments

The how to’s of decluttering sentimental items.

Decluttering sentimental items is not an easy task but one that is extremely important. Although pertinent to do, I will not tell you to throw out, give away or sell all of your treasures. However, I stress that you get started on making decisions for those treasures that are important to you!

And, you’re not going to do this all in a day. Start small. Pick one task to do that you feel you can accomplish. Start with those items that are the easiest for you. That will be different for each person. My suggestion is start with those items you are keeping.

Display treasured memories in your home.

I was helping Jim and his family in Aurora organize their home. In the basement were many items stored in boxes, collecting dust and creating clutter. We found a guitar that belonged to Jim’s father which he wasn’t ready to let go. In the upstairs of the home we designated a small bedroom that Jim and his son would use as a music room. We set up and displayed the guitar as apart of the rooms décor. It was no longer clutter. Jim and his son were able to play music, share memories and stories about a father and a grandfather. Jim’s father would not be forgotten.

Make quilts out of old t-ships, logos from ball caps, etc. Check out Pinterest. There are loads of ideas on how to create these kinds of projects and more. Not a sewer…you can find quilters to do these projects on your behalf.

One client, a young mom created shadow boxes with her children’s bronzed baby shoes. They were displayed in place of pictures on their family room wall. 

Use Technology

Scan your photos. If this seems overwhelming Staples has an affordable service to get this done for you. 

Take photos of those items that you treasure. Upload to secure websites like Flickr and google photos. They keep up to date with the latest technology so that years from now you will be able to access and open your photos.

Create books with photos and stories about loved ones, family history, accomplishments, trophies, awards and more. Pass along to loved ones, give as gifts or display on a coffee table. These books will retain your treasured memories, stories, and your family legacy. Most importantly, they will take up significantly less space. Ultimately, a great idea when you or a loved one is downsizing and moving to a smaller home.

Search “online digital photo books” and you will see many to choose from.

There are always going to be things that you can’t let go of. Keep the very best and the most treasured memories.

Limit sentimental possessions.

Keep one box per family member. Like school work. Wade through the drawings, stories and school work they bring home. Keep the best in a clear labeled bin. Go through it yearly and weed out those things that you feel you can let go of. Toss or take a photo as above. You can keep these online or backed up on an external hard drive and when the kids are older you can create them a few special memory books. Be sure to delete photos you no longer desire to keep.

Finally, things you really love or loved in the past.

As an example, you or your loved one collected porcelain dolls, Royal Dolton figurines, antique toys’ etc. Certainly, keep a few to pass along to a child or grandchild. Sell the rest. Let them go to a home where they will be loved.

Tools. You have so many that are expensive and great quality but are not using them. When I downsize and move clients to smaller homes we always put together a basic tool kit. The best hammer, drill, measuring tape, various sized screws and nails go into a small tool box or clear plastic bin. Everything else is given to family and friends or sold. When my father passed away my mother thought that my brothers would want his tools. And he had so many. But, they were established and had everything they needed. Consequently, they chose one or two items as a keepsake and the rest were sold.

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