Covid-19 – 3 Steps to Decluttering While Stuck at Home

by : Mharlos | 31 Mar, 2020 | Decluttering | Home Organization | 0 Comments

COVID-19 doesn’t need to stop us from everything.

COVID-19 has provided the opportunity for you to start those organizing projects that you simply did not have time for or didn’t have any help to get it done.

For those of you that are working from home, absolutely you need to do your job first. But for those that commute to work you now have 2-3 hours of travel time free to do other things.

And, since we can only go out for essentials and are not visiting with friends and family, going to kids activities, the cinema, the mall and more…you have some time available to complete those tasks you’ve been putting off. Or time to help your immediate family complete those tasks. Also,

Just another activity to help keep the kids engaged during COVID-19.

And I’m sure that reasons for not doing these projects/tasks now are running through your head. Like,

  1. The landfill is closed – where will I put the extra garbage/recycling?
  2. The charity shops are closed – what will I do with my donations?
  3. Stores are closed – I don’t have the supplies I need to get organized?
All great concerns and questions. And, I’m here to help you through the process.

First, select a designated area in your home, basement or garage to store the items that you want to get rid of like non-smelly/dirty garbage, recycling and donations.

First Question – Yes the landfills are closed to the public but we still have curb side collection.

Any items that can be recycled like cardboard and do not fit in your bin can be bundled and tied with string and put at the curb. Some towns/cities might handle this slightly different so, check the online site in your municipality.

Excess paper is often accepted in clear bags. Again, check the site. If it must only go into the designated plastic bins use clear bags or a card board box/tote bin to store the paper/cardboard.

On each curb side pick up day put a little more at the curb until its done.

I actually have clients who do this always.
Because they cannot take the items to the landfill ever.

Big items that are garbage like an old couch or mattress place in the designated area for when the landfill opens or when you can get a disposal bin placed in your driveway or have a company take it away. 

Question #2 pack clothing and linens into clear bags or any other colour bag but never in garbage bags.

Place these bags in the designated area for when the charities start taking donations again.

And, if they are for family, friends or being sold at Once Upon a Childmark them accordingly. Place a piece of masking tape around the neck of the bag with the name on it.

Clean and pack toys, books, etc. into boxes/bins. If giving away a duffle bag or suitcase, fill it with donations.

Again, label all items.

Question #3 – As you declutter your home, office, garage or basement, you will likely find that you now have empty bins, baskets, etc. that you can re-purpose for the new systems that you want to create. And, if you need something and would like it now you can order it online.

If you need to wait for some supplies create a list of what you need to buy and for which items. And for some things you might simply be able to put a sticky note on it like papers you have sorted in your office that need file folders.

I don’t expect that it’s going to be the perfect situation BUT, I’m sure you have noticed that life is not perfect. And especially, right now with COVID19.  But we are making the most of it. So, take advantage of the opportunities that this time has provided to you and your family.

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