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Clutter Free and Consumable Gifts

by : Mharlos | 8 Dec, 2020 | Christmas gift giving | 0 Comments

1. Subscriptions

The obvious choice is a magazine subscription and once read you can swap and share with friends making this a great clutter free gift.

You can go with an online version like Zinio. (check that your library doesn’t offer it for free).

Netflix, audiobooks, software subscriptions like Photoshop, (Little Passports is a great one for kid’s), wine clubs, quilting, scrapbooking clubs, seed club subscriptions…there’s a subscription for just about everything.

My husband is cycling enthusiast. He has a subscription to Swift which helps him to stay in shape during the colder months.

In making sure that the gift doesn’t turn into clutter be sure to get something that the person will use and enjoy. And if you don’t know ask someone who might. (link to article about Bob Cassels).

The next 4 are what I call “experiences.”

Experiences include high tea, beer and wine tasting, sunset kayak, horseback riding… the list is endless. It just depends on your budget and location.

I was working in a home last December and the client’s son was having his 7th birthday. He had far too many toys, but his grandfather was going to take him out the next day to buy him a birthday present. I asked Celine if she could have her father provide him with an experience. She sent her son to ask his grandfather if her could get cinema tickets to Frozen. Grandpa not only purchased the tickets for the little boy and his family but all the snacks and drinks as well. Hayden was over the moon about his gift.

Read what this milestone and clutter free birthday gift provided.

2. Event Tickets

A play, concert, sports event, gallery opening – with event tickets, you’re giving memories not stuff. (and in Canada there are no expirations on gift certificates so, they can be used at a later date).

Think local. And, if there are no indoor events currently offered consider tickets to online events.

All are Consumable and Clutter Free Gifts

3. Passes

Annual passes offer a lot of value throughout the year, especially if you buy them when discounted (look out for Facebook specials, ads in the local paper, Groupon).

Museums, art galleries and such might be out due to the pandemic but national parks, the zoo and other outdoor activities are great gifts for the right person/family.

Great for grandparents, aunts, uncles. If annual passes are out of your budget ask family members to join together to buy passes rather than purchasing more affordable individual gifts that also might be less appealing to the receiver.

4. Memberships

Membership ideas include local clubs, golfing, roadside service, Costco, coffee club memberships, craft/quilters associations and writers associations.

5. Classes or lessons

Ideas include cooking, art classes, craft, mechanic, music, dance lessons, woodworking, surf school, gymnastics and even circus school.  Don’t forget you can gift online classes as well!

Another great choice for grandparents – the Gift of an After School Activity.

6. Services

Rather than buying stuff, you could gift a service that makes life a little bit easier. Ideas for services include massage, facial, manicure, car-washing and detailing, house cleaning, organizing, home maintenance, yard work, babysitting, photography.

Do you have a special skill? Gift your own skills and save money.

Last summer, I gifted a friend an afternoon of organizing her shed.

7. Gift Cards

Gift cards are great for restaurants, grocery stores, car washes, clothing shops, games, movies, music and more. Check out Gift Cards Canada where there are 100’s to choose from. 

8. Food, Plants & Flowers

Food is a great consumable gift and again so much to choose from. Chocolates, candy, cookies, wine, liquor, beer, herbs, orchids, ornamental plants, indoor potted plants…visit those specialty shops in-store or online to see what you can give that you know will not become clutter. Or if you are a great baker like my friend Rose Ficco you can bake all year long for all kinds of occasions. Checkout her online store.

9. Donations

If you know someone who has everything they need, consider making a donation in their name. Take a little time to find out what charity is near and dear to their heart, if you don’t already know.

In Gift Giving, always think about or ask someone close to them what that person would like to receive. You really cannot go wrong with clutter free gifts.

Clutter Free

Consumable, Easy to Purchase In-store and Online. 

Happy Gift Giving!

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