Closet Storage Solutions Simplified


I was at a client’s newly renovated home this past week. She walked me through her newly created functional spaces which included this simple closet storage solution.

You can never have too many closet storage solutions. And this one is great for all those baseball caps that just can’t be parted with. It can also be used to hats, scarves, purses or other small accessories. You could even use it as a drying rack for wet mitts, gloves and toques in the winter. When organizing closets the sky is the limit.


A very flexible closet storage option.


You can buy this one in the above photo at Solutions. It will hang from the celling or the back of your door.

Or you can choose an option that hangs from a closet rod or an over the door version. has many options with loads of reviews to check out. I love how you can use this one below for purses as well.

closet storage solutions


A very simple closet storage solution that has a variety of functions for any closet or storage space in your home.

Happy Organizing!



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