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Closet Organizing Systems – t’is a new season!

by : Mharlos | 22 Jul, 2019 | Closet Organizing | Home Organization | 0 Comments

Closet Organizing Systems and the thought of organizing just feels a bit Overwhelming.

Brrrr! I was just wearing shorts yesterday and this morning it’s 8 degrees in Innisfil with only a high of 14Where did the summer go? Sadly, fall is here and it’s time to deal with all those clothes that you no longer need, wear or love.

I’m running my closet organizing article again to help you with the change of seasons. You don’t have to put it off for another day.

9 easy tasks to help you:

1. Here’s a guideline to follow for closet organizing systems. If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. I am always amazed at the clothes I get rid of (and how many I still have) when I do my own closet organizing. Or any space in my house. I consider myself a minimalist but I still manage to have all the things I need, use and love and a little more.

2. Get yourself a few clear bags for give away items. Have a few bins for rags and a garbage bag – for those things that might just be garbage.

3. It doesn’t fit. Whether you give clothes to a local charity, place on consignment– the choice is yours. But it must go out of your closet and out of your house.

4. Out of fashion. If you are saving it for when the style comes back – don’t. They never come back exactly the same and it might be a few decades –

Let it Go!

5. You don’t like it. Easy – purge it!

6. It’s stained and I really like itSpend some time this week on getting the stain out. Look at your mother’s old tricks for this or take it to your dry cleaner.
If it doesn’t come clean – out it goes.
7. It’s ripped or torn. Repair it yourself if possible. Or take it to a seamstress to see if it’s worth spending the money to mend it. If not, get rid of it.

8. It’s a wear once outfit. If you have a wedding gown, prom dress, or other wear once outfit in your closet, you have an emotional decision to make. If you can bear to part with these items bring them to a consignment shop, sell them at your next garage sale or donate them. And another option is to talk to a seamstress to see if you can create a new outfit.

9. You don’t have anything to match it. A favourite top, shirt or blouse, but no matching skirt, pants or jacket. Go shopping. Bring the item along or take a few photos of it (front and back). The sales person can help you find the best match for the style and colour. (men this is for you too)

Now for the rest of the closets in the home.

The front hall closet and/or the main closet that holds,
the shoes, the jackets, purses, etc.

ONLY have the items in it that will be worn this season.

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