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Client Testimonial – a Humbling Moment

by : Mharlos | 7 Jul, 2020 | Gratitude | Testimonials | 0 Comments

A Very Humbling Moment.

Recently, I received this beautiful and touching client testimonial. Rather than another “how to” on this gorgeous summer day, I thought I’d share a client’s experience with you.

I reached out to Margaret from a place of complete desperation after years of living with a spouse who had been diagnosed with a severe hoarding disorder. I felt like I was drowning in his stuff and I just couldn’t face it on my own.

Every room in our home was full and overflowing.

To be honest, I was dreading having someone in our home to help. Afraid of judgement and embarrassed. Ashamed that no matter how hard I tried I could just not keep up with the things my husband would bring home day after day.

Margaret came into my home with a heart full of kindness and compassion. Never once did she make me, or my husband, feel judged or less than. She has helped me over and over again through the years.

When I was on bedrest with my second child, Margaret worked with me for 8 days straight and took care of every detail. She cleared out a basement that was filled to the ceiling of my husband’s things. And, gave my children a space to run and play. She cleared out the room that would become my daughter’s nursery and

I truly don’t know how I would have ever managed without her.

Little by little I have been reclaiming my home and my voice. Margaret has given me far more than support with decluttering and organizing. She has reminded me that me and my children are worthy of a clear and organized space like this always.

Margaret, thank you! You have a heart of gold and I don’t know how I would have coped without your support all of these years. You are a gift and everyone who works with you and knows you is so blessed.

With a heart full of gratitude ~ CF, Newmarket, ON.


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