Cleaning Saves You Money, Time & Our Planet

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Let me introduce you to Jen Granulo, author and guest blogger who is going to share how cleaning saves you money, time & our planet. And, as a professional organizer I’m always trying to find you more space.

Would you believe me if I told you cleaning can save you money, time & our planet.

What if I told you I could show you a way to eliminate all of the harsh chemical cleaners taking up space in your home?

That you could reclaim space being used to store these items?

How about saving the roughly $600 – $800 per year we spend on these items?

Here’s a big one… your time! Yes! I have a way to save that too!

How, you might be wondering… with Norwex!

This is a company dedicated to improving quality of life with sustainable cleaning and personal care products that will reduce if not eliminate the use of harsh chemicals in your home. I know… cleaning… not a very exciting read… but it is! For me, decluttering and creating more organized space is exciting! Saving my time, my money, my family’s health and our planet’s health… All of this, super exciting!! Stick with me for a minute or two and let me share how I saved all of the above and then some!

Alright, space! You can clean almost your entire house with just 2 of Norwex’s microfiber cloths and water and remove 99% of the bacteria on your surfaces while you are at it!

How does this relate to space?

I found a big box and filled it with all of the cleaners I no longer needed. I filled that box with wipes, polish, glass cleaner, stove cleaner, floor cleaner, disposable mop pads, degreaser, scouring powder, detergent, stain remover, paper towel you name it! All of my cleaning supplies went into that box and out of my house!

I had just reclaimed 2 whole cupboards, 1 shelf and half a drawer worth of space! Yay me!!! That was exciting! We all have cluttered cupboards and shelves.

Mine for now have been repurposed for some of the things in our house that didn’t have a home, are less cluttered and a little more organized!

Your budget! Since I am no longer using any of the above mentioned products they do not make it onto my grocery list anymore!

The average household spends between $600 and $800 per year on cleaning supplies.

Norwex products are reusable…for years! In fact, many of their products come with a 2 year warranty! They can and have lasted much longer! What would you do with an extra $600-$800 per year?

Your time! Oh my gosh, let me tell you about your time! I am not a cleaner, it is not my favourite thing to do and, really is it anyone’s? Using these products has made my cleaning life so much easier! I do not have to drag out buckets and cleaners, multiple rags and or paper towels. I grab 2 of my microfiber cloths. One is wet, one is dry and those two cloths clean the majority of my home in the blink of an eye… well not quite that fast but honestly, half the time it took me before.

Even better I have no waste to clean up after cleaning nor do I have a pile of rags waiting for the laundry!

Norwex is a cleaner clean, leaves no residue behind like your chemical cleaners and your clean lasts longer! These products have cut my cleaning time in half and can do the same for you too, giving us back more time to do the things we love!

I’ve saved the best part for last. Norwex can save you so much. Everything I have mentioned above as well as your health and the health of our planet. Over 200 chemicals have been found in the cord blood of newborns. Adults typically have more than 700 manmade chemicals in their bodies.

Every day around 8 million pieces of plastic make their way into our oceans.

These products give us a way to stop using household cleaners full of harmful chemicals, a way to stop needing products sold in plastic containers and also a way to help to eliminate single use waste that harms our environment.

I am so passionate about these products. I LOVE what this company stands for and how it has helped me to create a safer environment for myself and my family. I LOVE that we no longer use harsh chemicals for cleaning and taking care of our home. I LOVE that we have completely eliminated paper towel use from our home and are hopefully saving some trees and are not unnecessarily contributing to our landfills.

I LOVE the time and money these products allow me to save. I LOVE the results! It really is a whole new level of clean that begs seeing. I will admit to being skeptical at first but once you see for yourself how these products work and what they can do for you, they really will simply sell themselves. I really sincerely hope that if you have not tried these amazing products already you will give them a try. See for yourself how much they can save you!

Norwex is easy, efficient and effective, it really just works!


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