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Christmas Storage Solutions – Shop Now!

by : Mharlos | 19 Nov, 2020 | Christmas Organization | Christmas Storage Solutions | 0 Comments

Getting ready to decorate for the holidays or already started and found that your current Christmas Storage Solutions are not working. Ornaments and decorations are not organized as you’d like. Or worse yet-squished or broken.

Here are a few Christmas Storage Solutions to help you.

With the pandemic we know how shipping can be delayed or that some items will sell out fast.

Therefore, I suggest that if you want your storage solutions to pack up after the holiday, get on Santa’s list for delivery now.

It’s great to keep tree boxes for re-packing but over time them get wet, ripped or you just can’t seem to get it packed the way it came from the manufacturer. Let’s save the time and grief and order a tree bag that fits your tree.

Christmas storage solutions

Here’s a second option for a larger tree.

Yes, if you purchase any of the items that I’m recommending I will get paid a small referral fee. But, it will cost you nothing. And, I’m checking the reviews. My suggestion is for you to check the reviews on these items as well. You might find some things written by others that tell you this product is NOT for you. I won’t be offended. In fact, I won’t even know. What I do want is for you to be happy with the product(s) you are buying.

So, check the reviews!

What to do with all the gift wrap, gift boxes, tape, ribbons and more. And not just for Christmas. I love this flexible easy to hang solution for the back of any door. In the event, it doesn’t work in one space simply move it to another. Great for craft rooms and small spaces too. 

This box works for ornaments. And, I love that you can also add Christmas lights on the back side. Furthermore, if you decorate with ornaments for any other holiday throughout the year you can place those in one of these containers as well. I do hurricane vases, bowls and plates with ornaments, small/medium pine cones, etc. that can be stored easily in these. With the window you can see what is inside. Plus, you can label the box using painters tape which will not ruin the outside material.

Painters tape is great for labeling loads of items.
It’s one of my frequent flyer items.

Christmas storage solutions

Your wreaths are crushed and you’d like this problem to disappear. Here are two Christmas Storage Solutions that can help. Although, this one is a bit pricy compared to the soft sided alternatives, here’s a 2 pack. So if you have a wreath for a different season you will have an extra container for it. Or you can split this order with a friend or family member. You won’t have to worry when it gets tossed on a shelf with something else piled on top of it. It will be protected – within reason of course. Again, read the reviews.

If you want something less expensive here is an alternative. I’d suggest hanging this on the wall so that your wreath will not get crushed. A nail will suffice as a hanger. Check the sizing on these. Some complaints were that it was too large. So, you might fit 2 inside one bag. Or add some garland!

Christmas storage solutions

Finally, Christmas storage solutions for lights.

There are loads of storage solutions for lights but, none that I will recommend. Many of them have a piece of cardboard to wrap your lights around and they go into a container. The cardboard is what you are paying for. So, take a piece of cardboard from a packing box or a cereal box and wrap the lights around it. If you don’t want the lights to break place a piece of card board, packing paper or left over gift wrap in between the sets for protection. Keep it simple. Label the bin and it’s ready for next year.

You have lots of lights-pack indoor and outdoor lights separately in 2/3 boxes. If you put your outside lights up earlier than your decorations this works really well.

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