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Christmas Gifts-Something for Everyone

by : Mharlos | 19 Jul, 2019 | Christmas gift giving | Christmas Organization | 0 Comments

Christmas is coming and Santa will be
bringing all kinds of Christmas gifts for young and old.

And of course, there will be boxing day shopping, host and hostess gifts and more. What to do with all this stuff.

How to avoid January’s clutter chaos.

Kids: Do a pre-Christmas purge. We know that you cannot stop grandparents, uncles and aunts from buying your kids whatever they like. Accept it and let’s make some room for all those Christmas gifts.

Go through all those items that your child owns. Yes, ALL. Not just the toys. Look at their clothes, the colouring books, markers, pencils, pens. If its broken, dried out or doesn’t fit – out it goes. If they are not using it currently then store it away for when they will use or wear it. Doing this with your child could be quite beneficial. Ask them if it sparks joy.

Teens: The days needing huge gifts under the tree for teens to open are fading away. Most teens will be happy with gift cards to the iTunes or Google Play where they can download their music, games and more.

They also love to shop for clothes. Let them select the clothes they like (of course with your guidance) and that will fit them. Give them the gift card inside a greeting card with a shopping day spree with you or another responsible adult if needed. Make it fun. Go out to lunch or take in a movie. Movie passes are also good.

There are many gift cards that are consumable that do not involve buying physical items that will take up more space in their room, YOUR HOME or in either of your lives.

Involve them in the process of purging their room. You will be amazed at what they are let go of, especially when you explain that you are making room for all those presents.

My suggestion: always give Christmas gifts
that people will need, use and love.

Spouses – what to get for my spouse…that he or she doesn’t already have. Well for most women it’s easy. A day at the spa, perfume, cosmetics and my all-time favourite – JEWELLERY.

I can never have too much jewellery! We are staying home for Christmas this year so I actually asked my husband what he wanted. And no trip this winter so it might just be a longggger winter than usual. I really do not need anything but I am sure that there will a surprise jewellery gift in my stocking. And of course, I have said cash is king LOL! That I will save for our next big trip. For me I love jewelry but I also love to travel and the world is on my bucket list.

So, if anyone you love has a dream trip giving a little something towards that dream could go a long way! 

My point – find out what it is that they like

 and contribute to their dreams this holiday season.

For the guys – well we know most of them have too many tools! The drill bits do wear out so you might put some of those into their stocking. Some men like you to shop for them and if you know their size clothes can be a good choice. Again, work with them to do a pre-Christmas purge. Post-Christmas works but don’t leave everyone in your home for an after-Christmas purge and home organization session or it will end in overwhelm and with an unhappy household.

Men also like their electronics so if you can buy them exactly what they want do so but if not the gift cards to download the apps, music, etc. work great. Ladies you might hate the gift but if it’s what they love and I know you love them…get them that nerdy little thing that gives them joy!

Older adults – CONSUMABLES. Tickets to the theatre, concert, movies, restaurants – the sky is the limit. Most of them have too much stuff already and TRULY DO NOT want you to buy them another sweater or trinket for their home. Give them something fun.

If you want people to open a gift and for your gift to be a surprise, wrap it up in a giant box if that feels more like gift giving.

Please don’t add to their full house that they still need to downsize or to their small condo that doesn’t have the space.

Give them something that they need, will use, love and spark joy in their lives.

When you Give Someone Joy this Holiday
You Will be Filled with Joy when You See
How Happy Your Gift has Made Them.

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