Christmas Decorations-too many?


Christmas Decorations – Do You Have too Many?

Halloween is past and soon Christmas will be here. For some people they will even start decorating now. For those of you who don’t set out your Christmas decorations just yet but know that you will be getting rid of a few things this is a good time to re-home those items.

Get those Christmas decorations that you no longer need, use or love into the hands of people who can use them. Most charities do not have the storage space to accept Christmas decorations other times of the year.

Shop in your own home for Christmas decorations first!


Before you go shopping online or in-stores for new decorations, do this task first.

Drag out all those bins, boxes and bags and have a quick look though them to see what you will not be using this year.

Why hold onto to those things for another year. Especially if you are buying something new. Where will you store those items? Likely you will need to buy another bin or two. Or worse, you will have to squeeze another bag or two into an already crowded or tight space now.

Let those decorations go that have fulfilled their purpose for you and your family.


Let someone else enjoy them!


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