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Boxing Day – A Shopping Tradition

by : Mharlos | 22 Jul, 2019 | Christmas | Home Organization | 0 Comments

I know Christmas has not yet arrived but it is only a few days away and so is Boxing Day.

Boxing Day is a holiday traditionally celebrated the day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradespeople would receive gifts, known as a “Christmas box”, from their bosses or employers.

Boxing Day now, has primarily become a day in Canada to do more shopping for those items that are dramatically reduced in price. Before you return the items that didn’t “fit” and/or spend your stocking stuffer money or gift cards on those “door crasher deals” let’s start a new tradition.

I hear often “I have too much stuff.” My family keep buying the kids more toys…” And Santa of course delivers gifts too. And it just keeps piling up. You say to yourself, where do I start? Most of its good stuff. And what do I do with it all? All really great questions and YES, I hear this over and over and over. YOUare not alone.

This new Boxing Day tradition is similar to my “One in – One out Rule.” Each time a new toy, sweater, skates or piece of home décor is received one item needs to go out of the home.

The how to’s in Six easy steps:

1. Get a box or 2 or 3. Not too large though. You need them to be light enough to carry and place on the back seat or in the trunk of the car. And you need to get them out again-easily.

2. Clear some space in the toy box for the new goodies that arrived. Any toys including puzzles that your child has “outgrown” remove from the toy box. If you are keeping those for a younger child who is not ready for them – box them up, label and store them in an out of the way place i.e. under the stairs in the basement.

Make your kids apart of the process. They will feel great about giving to others.

3. Go through the bedroom closets and drawers to make room for the new clothes, shoes, slippers.

Use clear bags or blue recycling bags for clothes. Garbage bags often get confused with garbage. Avoid them as great items do not belong in our landfills.

4. Go through the kitchen cupboards, the buffet hutch and any other space where you will be adding gifts to. Tip: if you are packing glasses, cups or vases get the liquor store boxes and leave the inserts in. This makes packing easy and you use less paper to wrap items.

5. Too many books. Pare these down too. Again, the liquor stores boxes work great for these heavy items. This time just recycle the inserts into your blue box.

You might not get all these spaces done on Boxing Day but you get the gist of things.

6. Pack up those items and deliver them to a local charity.

Value Village is open on Boxing Day.

Wishing you and your family a
Very Merry Christmas and
a Happy and Abundant 2015


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