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Bins Will Always Get You Organized…?

by : Mharlos | 8 Mar, 2021 | Home Organization Solutions | Purging | 0 Comments

Bins, containers and loads of other organizing gadgets really helpful.

True or False?


Contrary to what the ads want you to believe, bins Innisfil alone are not the answer to your organizing dilemmas.

And it’s not just bins – we have the Ziploc Space Bags which I own and love. However, they work for my needs. And when all are not being used they store easily, taking up little space. And, don’t get me wrong.

I use a variety of bins in my home and
recommend them for my clients as needed.

If you do not know what you will need the bins Innisfil, containers, space bags, etc. for, they can become part of the problem NOT A SOLUTION. I meet lots of people who have gone out and spent lots of money on organizing items – shopping is not their problem. Well, it might be. Many have good intentions of what they will do with all those baskets, bins Innisfil, decorators’ boxes, file trays, stacking trays and more. Do not get me wrong. I am a huge fan of all these wonderful items that make great systems.

Truth about bins 

Only, when they are truly helpful to you, your family and your business. Before you go out and spend money on any organizing products, do some preliminary work and planning.

First, I recommend purging. Only when you know exactly

  • what it is you need to store
  • how much you need to store, and
  • where to store it

should you go out and purchase any kind of bins.

Secondly, measure the space.

  • Closets, vanity, drawers, cabinets and so forth.
  • Minimize the amount of running around you need to do.
  • Do a preliminary shop online at Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Solutions, Staples, Rona, etc.

They have the dimensions of all the items posted online. Doing this first eliminates wasted time, gas, money and aggravation. And when you do not want to return them or say I’ll do it later…it simply creates more clutter. A vicious cycle!

An Extra Tip:

take a measuring tape with you to the store for the odd thing that might not have a sized mentioned and as a re-check that the items are the correct size for your space. 

Create a plan and start with the purge. All those items in good shape no longer needed, used or loved…find them a new home. Recycle what you can in your blue boxes and garbage – treat it as such.

If you still feel stuck and want help on getting it right the first time. Coaching through my Virtual Services are always available.

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