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Bedroom Organizing – 3 Solutions

by : Mharlos | 18 Jul, 2019 | Bedroom Organizing | Home Organization | 1 Comments

There are many Bedroom Organizing Solutions available. Therefore, today I’m going to focus on my top 3 recommendations.

1. Bedside Organizing Solution. The Bed Butler is a nifty solution however, at a pricy $108.99 I’m suggesting window shopping only.



I have found one that I feel will work just as well and a small fraction of the cost priced at $22.93. 


bedroom organizing


You can see many bedroom organizing solutions at Amazon starting at $9.99.

If you already own one for an armchair or couch you can make it work in the bedroom by adding a piece of Velcro sticky tape at the end where it would get tucked under a chair cushion. You slide it between the mattress and the box spring just like the bed butler. You can remove it easily when you change the bedding but it will stay in place, so no fussing or falling once placed. Most importantly, with any of these recommended products you won’t break the bank or your budget.

2. Easy Closet System. Most of our homes are built with very simple closet shelving. If you are handy and would like to put in something permanent there are many configurations to put together.

bedroom organizing


But for those of you who want to work without nails, screws and tools this design is perfect. And it’s flexible. Especially for kids’ closets where they will likely outgrow a permanent system more quickly. Furthermore, these solutions are versatile and can be used in any closet in your home. And when they out grow the usefulness in one closet you can move them to another.

My recommendation: Please read the reviews.

Some of these products are more durable than others. Buying the cheapest one is not always the way to go.  The reviews will answer most of your questions you will have.

3. Bedside Storage. Nightstands are great in the bedroom but unfortunately, often they are quite small. If you need a little more storage space re-purpose a small dresser as a night stand. Furthermore, a small dresser gives you plenty of extra storage. And also provides you with greater function than the usual junk drawer style that is quite common with night stands.


bedroom organizing


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