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Basement Organizing – The Purge

by : Mharlos | 22 Jul, 2019 | basement organizing | Home Organization | 4 Comments

Basement Organizing can be done easily
in a focused effort to get rid of all those

things you no longer need, use or love.

When basement organizing if you need to do this slowly, my recommendation is to schedule a minimum of 2 uninterrupted hours over several days or weekends.

Do not start other projects until the basement organizing is done. Work through the entire basement following my 3 Step Process to completion:

1. Toss– Pick up all the items from every place in the basement first that is just garbage. Include under the stairs, cold cellar, cabinets, bins, boxes, etc.

• Place into a garbage bag unless it’s a larger object – toss directly into your truck or trailer. No way to dispose of the garbage, recycling, electronics, etc. Rent a disposal bin.

• Anything that can be recycled place in a blue bin or a clear bag i.e. paper, plastics. These too can be placed in the disposal bin.

Next – deal with all the cardboard that is useless. i.e. odds and ends pieces that are not being used-even if they might have a use one day.

• Cardboard can be broken down, bundled and placed at the curb if you don’t have much. I recommend taking it all to the landfill if possible or tossing into the disposal bin. Keep basement organizing easy and simple.

• Any lumber or metal can also be recycled at the landfill. If you have lots of scrap metal you might decide to make some cash to recoup some costs. Call a few local scrap dealers to check out what they pay. And ask if they pick up.

 Paint cans– if they are empty they can be placed in your blue bin at the curb. If they have anything in them take them to the landfill.

Hazardous waste must be taken to your local landfill.

Barrie Residents click here for information hand hours.

All other Simcoe County Residents click here.

2. Give Away – if you have people that you would like to give items to and they will take them immediately let them have that option. My recommendation is to pack the items into your car and donate them to a local charity.

• Old books and magazines can be sold depending on their age and the topics or donated to a local charity if in good shape – if you are keeping magazines for one article, recipe, etc. tear it out and place into a folder-you can make a binder later for the items if desired. Example: If you own Life Magazines DO NOT tear out any pages. Some of these are of great monetary value.

Contact me for more information

• Donate Household items no longer needed, used or loved i.e. small appliances, home décor, clothing, linens, bedding, etc. If you feel that the towels or blankets cannot be given away donate to your local OSPCA. They will also take open bottles of laundry detergent and household cleaners that are pet friendly. NO BLEACH.

3. Sell-anything that you know will sell easily do so.

• Currently I have a client who is selling children’s clothes and toys on craigslistand kijiji and is having success using a system of bundling several items together – similar to that of auctioneers. You can make some money at this but you need to weigh your time spent organizing, photographing, uploading images and writing ads versus your ROI.

• Bundling items together is also effective for garage sales – if done quickly you could squeeze in one last one.

Selling can make you some money but be brutal about it. Remember, your time versus your ROI.

If you like this idea but just now this option feels overwhelming – Purge, give away, donate when basement organizing this time and consider this option going forward once your home and basement organizing is complete.

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