Back to School Time – Again!

Back to school again.
Wow! Time really does fly. Its August but I’m still writing down July and keep thinking my iCloud calendar is wrong when it reads August. And not just a few days in its already the 2nd week.

Back to School Organizing For The Kids.

Let’s get started with those going off to college or university. First and foremost, spend as little as possible on window coverings and furniture. With the exception of a good bed to sleep in.

Shopping at local second-hand stores is always a first good option. You can buy everything from dishes to small appliances, sheets, towels, curtains and furniture. If you can’t find good dark out curtains or towels visit a local Giant Tiger or Jysk. They have all kinds of good items for reasonable prices.

When I was younger I moved around the country a lot so I never bought anything expensive or brand new. I shopped at upscale local used furniture and clothing stores for good items. In Barrie visit, All About Used. They have a beautiful store with modern furnishings in great shape for sale at reasonable prices.

If you can’t find a decent dresser or other storage solutions here are 2 flexible solutions that are multipurpose and will fit in almost any space.

The first one fits into closets and can be used for towels, sheets, sweaters – almost anything. Be sure to buy one that is sturdier. If you spend $10 it won’t last long. You need to spend $19 to $29 for durability. This one has drawers to hold small items like socks in place and runs about $35.

back to school


The second option are storage towers on wheels. They come in various sizes and colours. Some are nicer looking than others and again multipurpose. And when it’s no longer suitable for your current needs it can be recycled to another space or person.


back to school     

The point is to Keep it Simple, Functional and Inexpensive.

And now for the younger kids still at home. Hmmm! What might they need?

Most of you have read my back to school blog that I have run several times in the past. So, you know where to get what you need for managing routines. Most of us are looking for healthy solutions for lunches that are simple. Here are a few lunch boxes that are reusable so therefore friendly to the environment and help you provide healthy choices for your children with ease.

back to school


Concerned about plastics. There are also stainless steel options available as well as leak proof boxes.

back to schoolAnd if you would like a few recipes and more information on great lunch boxes check out this site. She has a really great and informative video as well.

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