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Avoid the Latest Home Organization Gadgets

by : Mharlos | 22 Jul, 2019 | Home Organization | 1 Comments

I’ve had several calls recently where people have gone out and done not one
BUT several shopping trips to buy the latest in home organization products.

Spring is absolutely a great time to get organized and I understand that you are excited. Having more home organization products will not get you organized. So in light of these recent calls I’m going to share this post again.

My recommendation to those individuals was to please not buy any more home organization gadgets until our scheduled appointment when I assess what solutions are needed and help them to get the job done. Likely many of you won’t need much if anything at all to get organized!

Home Organization Systems don’t have to be fancy or expensive. Beware of the advertising and marketing strategies that get you all excited and believing that if you buy the latest and greatest Home Organization Gadgets that you will by a miracle have “organizing systems” that will solve your clutter problems.

It is more likely that buying more “stuff
will just add to your existing “clutter” problem.

The solution:
Put a “system” in place to find what you need when you need it.

A few of my How To’s:

1. Pull everything out from under the bed even if you already have it in a bin or a space bag.

2. Open and purge.

Items going to a charity should be packed into clear bags or boxes that are labelled.

Avoid using green garbage bags that can be easily mistaken as garbage.

A few years ago, I completed one of my Room by Room DIY Home Staging Reports in Barrie. Verbally, I recommended that they use green garbage bags for garbage onlyI also wrote it into the report. The excess items that they were going to the new home and to the Barrie landfill were all packed into green garbage bags by the homeowner and her 2 daughters. Because my client thought that she could keep donations on one side of the garage and those garbage bags going to the dump on the other side that all would be okay. Sounds great in theory and they knew in their mind what was clearly garbage.

Because the home owner’s son and his friends who offered to help did not know, they loaded the truck with all the garbage bags and went to the dump. Therefore, when the home owner checked the garage she realized that all the good items that they wanted to keep were gone. Consequently, the young men returned from the dump and reported that yes they had taken all the garbage in the garbage bags to the landfill.

Furthermore, there were many good items in those keeper bags. The family had a great attitude about their loss and that is great. The problem – there was now, numerous bags of very good items in our landfill.

Bottom Line
Clear Bags or Clearly Labeled Boxes Only for Donations & Keeper Items.

3. If you have a younger child that can use these items move them into their room or pack them into bins. Label and place them into a storage space.

4. Create a storage space in your basement or laundry room. And include an area to hang coats, gowns, etc.

It doesn’t have to be fancy-see the photo above as an example.

5. Set up a pantry or shelving unit in a storage room or corner of your basement to hold extras like household supplies, canned goods, boxed items, Kleenex, toiletries, cases or water, soda, juice, etc.

And finally, Label each shelf so that family members know where to place each item.

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