At-Home Storage…Label, Label, Label


Storage – Label, Label, Label

For all at-home storage you will want to identify the contents of bins so you know what’s inside. If you are buying bins buy clear when possible. This makes identification of the items easier.

Label the contents of a box before you store it in a closet, basement or in the garage.

Clearly label all file folders. It might be by name, topic or category. Example: expenses, insurances, taxes, school, household appliances. Make them as specific and detailed as you like. Also, adding the year can be helpful.


The important thing for any kind of storage

is that you remember what you labeled or filed things under.


So, follow your gut. The first thing that comes to mind is most likely the right thing to write on the label.

Label office storage containers/drawers so you know what is in each container/drawer.




You can just simply use a Sharpie marker for labelling. When using a marker make your own labels for bins from plain white paper. Just tape them on with clear packing tape. This allows you to reuse your bins/containers in the future.You might even do this on boxes.

To me there is nothing worse than a box that has several different things written on it.  You don’t know what is currently in the box and only half of the writing has been somewhat crossed out.

And, if you like all your labels nice and neat go with a pro label maker. I love the Brother P-Touch and found the best price at (on a side note, I buy all my printer ink here plus other great finds).


Keep it Simple.

Label everything so you can find

what you need when you need it.

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