4 Critical Reasons Seniors Need Home Inventories


Seniors Need Home Inventories
is NOT just for Seniors.

I would like to introduce you to a business associate, Larry Hoover.

Larry is a wonderful man who has a great sense of style, business sense, is honest, ethical and I hold his opinion in high regard.

Therefore, I’ve asked Larry to be my Guest Blogger this week. He shares relevant information that is not just for seniors but for couples and individuals who need to know for insurance purposes what they own and its real value.

As a Professional Organizer and Senior Move Management Specialist I value Larry’s system of inventory not just to get and keep you organized with all your personal belongings but to give you peace of mind when stressful events occur.

Having had a break in to our home 18 months ago I can only say knowing all what I owned and its value was of great help. It also helped to reduce my stress at a very stressful time for both myself and my husband.

Here are 4 Critical Reasons why having a Home Inventory is important:

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