Home Staging To Sell – Part One

Why use Home Staging to make your home stand out from your neighbour’s?

There are usually several homes that are identical or very similar in appearance and layout to your home in the neighbourhood. Home Staging makes your home standout from the rest.

Recently, I worked with a couple to prepare their home for sale. A few days into the project their neighbour decided they too would sell their home but privately. My client was a little upset about the competition. After a brief discussion I learned that the home 2 doors away did not match my client’s home with the exception of the listed price, which was more.

My client’s home sold in four days. Six weeks later the neighbour’s home was still on the market.

Here are three home staging tips to help prepare your home for resale.

  1. First of all, De-clutter. Get rid of all the garbage. Anything that cannot be sold, given to charity or recycled goes to the dump. I try to avoid throwing things into the landfills, however, if it is garbage then treat it as such. Call a garbage removal company if necessary.
  • Pack items that you are not currently using.
  • Pare down cupboards, vanities, closets, storage areas to show maximum space.

This is a good time to re-evaluate how many items in your home are truly useful and used. Downsizing now makes more sense and saves you time and money. Do not take anything to your new home that is of no value and will not be used by anyone living in the home.

In addition when paring down your stuff:

  • Sell anything of value – contact me for referrals to auctioneers.
  • Donate to charity.
  • Drop off Electronics including fax machines, computers, monitors at a local electronics bin in your area
  • For all your dead batteries, visit www.call2recycle.ca to find a location near you.
  • Rent a storage unit off site (if absolutely needed) or call a company that delivers portable storage units.
  • Remove all excess packed boxes, suit cases and furniture not being used to stage the home.

Each room should be featured and decorated for the original purpose that it was designed.

  • Clear out the garage.
  • De-personalize your home.
  • Replace personal photos with pictures and décor that appeal to almost anyone.

2. Clean your home from top to bottom.

3.  Finally, the Painting. The goal is to create a relaxing and appealing environment that buyers find welcoming.

Helpful Tip: All the big paint companies produce a range of Historic colours and often used for Home Staging.

Paint doors and trim the same throughout the home’s interior. This pulls the house together.

“Thank you for helping us come to grips with the reality of selling our house. With your advice we sold the house in a week. What a difference it makes when all that stuff you think you need is no longer here.” –Ron & Amanda- Innisfil, Ontario


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