Home Organizing – Where to Start? Part 2

Now, we can start organizing your sentimental items, treasures and extras that you need, use, LOVE, and want to keep.

Home Organizing is a process. I’m not going to lie to you. It is work and it’s not always easy BUT the Results are Rewarding!

Let’s get started on the last 5 steps.

Get out your camera and again, take some before pictures so later you can see what you have achieved.

As you work through the home organizing process ask yourself these questions:

• Do I use this?
When was the last time I use this?
When was the last time I wore this?
• Do I need this many of the same or similar item?
• Can I get another one if I need it?
• Can this be donated to someone else who can really use it?

1. Get a portfolio or bins for organizing kid’s art work and school work in. Be brutal about this. You don’t have to toss them all – keep the best or the most touching. If you’re inclined to scrap book the pictures will take up a lot less space.

Take photos and create a digital photo album.

They make lovely coffee table books, gifts or a memory book (or two) for your child.

2. Boxes of photos – Scanning to a USB is a great option, however, keep in mind as technology changes will you be able to open those “older” programs. Going forward in the digital age it will be much easier to deal with all those pictures if you download the photos to a secure online storage. Here are 2 free online services to check out.  flickr.com         google photos

3. Create a space to store bins. Preferably off the floor. If you are placing bins on the floor make sure they are heavy so not to float in case of flooding. Label the bins.

4. Place roasting pans, party trays, platters, etc. used for special occasions on shelves in an out of the way area. Under the stairs is a great place for home organizing and storing these items.

5. Hanging space. Use a shower curtain rod and hang it from the rafters to give you extra storage for ski pants, winter coats, gowns, etc. If necessary, cover them in plastic to keep the dust off.

Create a time line for those items you are not sure about. Set them aside for now. 

Schedule a date to re-visit in i.e. 6 months – absolutely no longer than one year. Again, ask the above questions.

Now take some after shots.
Look at all the pictures to see what you have accomplished.

It’s not about what is left to do. It is what you have achieved.

Pat yourself on the back for all that you have accomplished!


  • Great tips! I finally got around to making photo books of my (now almost adult) children’s artwork. I used the Artkive app and made them each one preschool and one elementary art book. I just put them out on the end table in the playroom, and they still pick them up and look through. When you get things out of boxes and into your life you enjoy them so much more!! (Also, I learned NEVER say artwork made with food products, e.g. pasta… bugs!)

  • For me it’s the most irritating job! I prepare psychically first and then I start organizing.

  • I really like your organization idea. I hope they will help me, because I’m really bad at that!

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