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You may think I’m crazy because of my passion to deal with clutter, but it’s that passion that drives my success. I love doing what most people absolutely hate…getting rid of clutter! But it’s more than simply getting rid of clutter…anyone can do that…I help you get organized in your home and your life!

“Feeling Ready To Let Go”

I understand the difference between “getting rid of clutter” and “feeling ready to let go of it”.  And that’s a very important difference! With an innate ability to know when to be firm and when to be gentle, I work with you to “make room in your life”. I am a professional organizer with a passion for helping you make room in your life by getting rid of clutter. I teach you how to get organized and stay that way. Getting organized isn’t just about sorting stuff. A life’s worth of possessions holds emotion and sentiment for most of us…especially seniors. I help my clients first feel ready to let go. Then we work on sorting and deciding. We often find good homes by donating items to charity or passing cherished pieces along to family. Get organized in Barrie and Orillia with Living Organized. You’ll benefit from:


  • stress-free management of those big jobs like:
    • moving
    • downsizing
    • moving seniors
    • room-by-room de-cluttering
    • setting-up a home office
  • an environment that you control instead of it controlling you
  • a more efficient workspace that saves you time and money
  • a caring approach that understands that “clutter” doesn’t necessarily mean “junk”
  • start-to-finish services that will take the stress out of getting organized

Organizing with the Mind and Heart: my clients love my warm, caring and efficient approach to tackling those mountainous jobs like moving house or helping seniors move from a family home to a senior’s residence.

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